Music Mastering

The final step in the recording process.

  • With our signature service, Mastering is performed in the Analog Domain, the perfect compliment to a digital recording.
  • Professional Mastering increases a recordings’ spacial image (width & depth), enhances mix detail, and delivers competitive loudness without compromising the Dynamic Feel, Punch, and Power of a mix.
  • With over 15 years of experience in Mastering, complimented by a lifetime in music as a musician, music theory graduate, recording artist, and recording/mixing engineer, Chief Engineer Mike Wells brings experience from all stages of the music production cycle to its critical final step:  Mastering.

Production Music Mastering

The backbone of the Film, Digital Video, and Music Library industries.

  • The demand for high-quality Production Music is at an all-time high with the surge of online content creation for shows, film trailers, and product commercial spots on the web.
  • By mastering in the Analog Domain, Mike Wells Mastering delivers exceptional Production Music masters that stand-out on every platform, from high-resolution devices such as Smart TV’s, to low-resolution devices such as Smart Phones and Watches.
  • With a client roster including Megatrax Production Music, Angry Mob Music, Google, eBay, and Apple Computer, the assurance of receiving an outstanding product is guaranteed.

Stem Mastering

A unique variant of the traditional mastering process.

  • Where traditional Artist and Production Music Mastering focuses on the processing of a Stereo Mix, Stem Mastering creates the opportunity to perform unique processing across groups of tracks, or “stems”.
  • Mike Wells Mastering takes this concept one step further:  With the advent of analog summing mixers, combined with the diverse equipment list available in our Analog Suite (Studio A), we are able to take up to 8 pairs of stereo stems, apply Color, Detail, and Signal Processing to each stem in the Analog Domain, and then sum them to a stereo mix (Music Mastering) or output a combination of stereo and stem masters (Production Music Mastering).
  • Unlike other Stem Mastering offerings, this all-analog approach provides a one-of-a-kind experience to deliver masters like no other in today’s market. Take this idea the full-distance available at Mike Wells Mastering by adding our ATR-102 1″ 2-Track for tape layback processing, and you have the recipe we call “Ultimate Analog”.
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